Football Training – First Touch

Football Training-First Touch

First touch is crucial. Watch all the world class players and you will see benefits of a true first touch. World class players have the skill to bring the ball under control quickly while moving the ball away from defender and into space. But what ever level you play, you cannot afford to waste extra time taking an extra touch to control the ball.

The side of the foot

The most simple and effective of controlling the ball. If done correctly the ball will be under your control on the ground. It’s important to note that your first touch should move the ball away from the defender and onto space, secondly you should know where to take your your before you เว็บพนันสมัครฟรี ufabet get the ball and keep the ball moving. all player should be able to control the ball with both feet.

Things to remember

1) Get in position early and try not to put all your weight through standing leg. If you stand lightly on the balls of your feet, this allows you react if the ball takes an award bounce.

2) Watch the ball onto your foot and cushion the impact by pulling your foot back slightly.

3) Try to guide into to your stride rather than get the ball stuck under your feet. If the ball is to close to your body it allows defenders to shut you down while you have an extra touch.

Sole of the foot

The with sole of the foot control is often used to control a bouncing ball. It takes great concentration to use the sole of the foot due to less surface area. It’s important not to stab the ball, also not to have your foot to far off the ground. this for of control can be extremely effective in poor weather conditions or on a bouncy pitch. A enjoyable way to train this technique is to play futsal.