Part 5 of 5 – Article Marketing Crash Course – Putting Traffic to Your Article on Steroids

Now, on to the last part of the Article Marketing Crash Course. In this part, I’m going to show you a trick you can (and should) use to literally put the traffic to your articles on steroids. To illustrate the trick, I’m going to use the dog training example I’ve apparently been so fond of…

That being said, let’s use my site on dog training. A lot of people say “Well I have a site on dog training; I’m going to do article marketing and write an article on dog training tips. I’m going to do ‘5 tips on training your dog’ or show people ‘5 different ways to keep their dogs from scratching up their doors’ or whatever.”

Those are pretty straight forward and that can work if you choose a keyword phrase that gets pretty good traffic and doesn’t have a lot of competition; you might be able to get some traction with that.

But a lot of times those very direct and basic ways of legal steroids gnc doing your articles have already been done, especially in a more competitive field.

You have to start thinking a little outside the box.

That’s when I like to start talking about comparing and contrasting your product or offering with other products, services or offerings, looking for trends out there that you can tie your product into, so on and so forth.

Let’s use Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer, as an example for this (it’s Dog Training, isn’t it?). One of the things, when you’re thinking about comparing and contrasting, is that you want to take advantage of marketing that someone else has already done.

What I mean by that, using the example of Dog Whisperer: that’s a television show, it’s been on for a few years and is a very popular show, the name of the host is a very popular person, the network it’s on is very popular and the host has his own products and services and things of that nature.

One of the things you can do is say “Okay, if I’m writing an article, I’m not going to say ‘3 Ways To Train Your Dog Not To Jump Up On You’; I’m going to say something like ‘Cesar Milan’s Insider Tricks On Training Your Dog Not To Jump On You.'”

Something like that, you want to tie it into somebody else’s marketing funnel.